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At What Age Should Children Be Encouraged To Learn To Play The Piano?



It is always best to start learning to play the piano or any musical instrument at an early age. How early, though, depends upon many different factors, and you don’t necessarily want to push too hard either. Children take to musical instruments at all different ages. For some, it seems as though they came out of the womb prepared to play, dance or sing. Others revisit instruments even after years of putting them down. Some try them out and decide that they aren’t for them.

You certainly don’t want to force your child to learn to play an the piano. It can be encouraged, but not everyone is going to want to do the same thing. Of course, if you go by what some professionals say, you can begin introducing instruments to your children at very early ages, even three years old. Now, you just have to remember that children are going to be making up their own minds soon thereafter.

It is still healthy to introduce musical instruments to children. The piano specifically is a more complicated instrument, but that doesn’t mean a preschooler can’t have fun tinkering around and even learn how to play songs. Remember, children learn in all kinds of different ways, and they are all different from one another as well. Plus, you have smaller versions of the piano for younger kids.

As for learning serious music, it might be a good idea to let a child curiously feel out the situation of learning the piano when he or she is between the ages of 7 to 9. That is the recommendation you get from this musician anyway. Musical sense according to professionals is something that is addressed usually by the time a child is nine years old. While that makes sense and is in line with my recommendation, it has to be noted that not all children are going to necessarily explore the interest by that time.

In fact, some people are adults before they start learning an instrument. As a parent, what you don’t want to miss is the opportunity to show your children music and the potential to make it, and to also encourage any passions that the children show. That is the role of a parent when it comes to encouraging kids and introducing musical instruments, the piano in this case, at the right time. It makes sense because again, everyone is different, and for good reason.