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Is It Easier To Play An Acoustic Piano Or A Digital Piano?


Acoustic pianos are classics, a tradition, the ‘true pianos.’

All that said, digital pianos provide many great advantages, are very nice and are certainly easier to play.

Let me tell you, there is a reason old school piano teachers make their students practice finger exercises. Those piano keys don’t pound themselves, but it certainly seems like they do when you are playing a digital piano or keyboard.

To be clear, there is a difference between digital pianos and digital keyboards. Digital pianos can actually have weighted keys, and the digital keyboards can, too, yet less often. That being said, the weighted keys are also the first notable difference in general between ‘some’ digital pianos and acoustic pianos. The main difference is you can certainly count on every acoustic piano having weighted keys.

Okay, remember the joke about the piano pounding its own keys?

Well, there are player pianos of course, both acoustic and digital versions. Then you have the other differences, but they mostly all boil down to one thing. Do you want the extra accompaniment features and all the other extra features? That’s what comes with a digital piano, and of course you have to vet the best brands and models to choose the right one.

Just because a digital piano is easier to play doesn’t mean you necessarily have to choose to play one. In fact, if you like playing both, don’t allow yourself to get lazy playing a digital piano. In fact, one of the things you need to remember is that if you do get one, you can pick a model with weighted keys. Of course, it is more than just about the weighted keys and features. It is also about sound in general in relation to playing music and also sound quality. And if you do choose a traditional acoustic piano instead, you need to do the same vetting of brands and models.

As a piano player myself, I prefer the acoustic piano.

However, I have dabbled with a digital piano many times and have played a digital keyboard for years. I have played my best music on a keyboard if you ask me.

Also, you can’t use programs like this on an acoustic piano:

They really are very much different from one another. However, again there is a difference between a digital keyboard and a digital piano. And while acoustic pianos and digital pianos have many differences, it is also important to note again that they have their similarities.